December 13, 2014



Solving issues before they become problems.

With attorneys offering far-reaching experience in the labor law realm, OMDP employs all available and necessary resources to achieve fair, just, and desirable resolutions to disputes that occur in some of the most critical areas of employment law. Our highly qualified labor law attorneys understand the importance of positive employer-employee relations. From collective bargaining to arbitration, we know—especially when feeling comfortable means being free from fear caused by working for an abusive supervisor, being fired for an injury suffered on the job, or for some other illegitimate cause.

We have successfully handled:

  • Title VII investigations and defenses
  • Title IX investigations and defenses
  • NLRB and SERB administrative hearings
  • Bargaining unit determinations, investigations and defenses under the Family Medical Leave Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, American Disability Act
  • Civil rights violations
  • Harassment issues
  • Wage and overtime claims
  • Wrongful termination cases
  • Collective bargaining negotiations


We recommend the following attorneys to represent you in labor matters.



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