Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Rules in Favor of Ross County Water

The United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals recently expanded the protection which rural water district are afforded under 7 U.S.C. § 1926(b). On November 30, 2011, the Court affirmed United States District Judge Michael Watson’s decision holding that the Ross County Water Company (“RCWC”) – a non-profit, member-owned, water company incorporated pursuant to Section[…]

Still pending preliminary injunction has been granted to rural water association

Ross County Water Company filed a motion for summary judgment, which has been countered by Chillicothe’s brief in opposition, and followed by Ross’s reply (see filings). According to Matt Dooley, an attorney representing Ross County, “attorney Garry Hunter (who represented the City of Athens in Le-Ax) represents the City of Chillicothe, and his argument here[…]

New Alliance Formed for Rural Water

A consortium of rural water industry leaders recently formed The Rural Water Alliance with the primary objective of helping rural water association general managers and board members protect their interests and maximize their effectiveness. Founded by OMDP, one of the nation’s leading rural water law firms, the RWA will serve as an invaluable resource for[…]